Not all spikes are golden

Trains Magazine - Feb 2019

All you ever wanted to know about railroad spikes but were afraid to ask



Six welded rail questions

Trains Magazine - Dec 2018

Everything you were dying to know, but were afraid to ask

(Technology column)

Grind smarter, not harder

Trains Magazine - Oct 2018

Loram, CSX team up to innovate how railroads maintain rails


Slid flats explained

Trains Magazine - Oct 2018

Why some trains go ‘thump’ in the night

(Technology column)

Track geometry cars’ new angle

Trains Magazine - Jun 2018

(Technology column)


Wheel-rail defect spotter’s guide

Trains Magazine - Mar 2018

Shells, plastic flow, and corrugation in one easy article

(Technology column)

Mysteries Solved

Trains Magazine - Feb 2018

Trains unravels seven physical phenomena that cause derailments, wear, or worse



Good, sound ideas

Trains Magazine - Jan 2018

Experts share with Trains how to measure noise

(Technology column)


Nonstop rail testing

Trains Magazine - Nov 2017

New rail inspection strategy speeds up internal defect detection

(Technology column)


Kawasaki's cool take on carbon

Trains Magazine - May 2017

Composite materials allow railcar maker to lighten trucks and fine-tune performance

(Technology column)


Thomas the Bank Engine

Trains Magazine - May 2017

Events for non-railfans bring vital revenue to heritage operations


While the city sleeps

Trains Magazine - Oct 2016

Track work on Boston's MBTA is a never-ending task


Durango & Silverton

Trains Magazine - Colorado Railroads special issue (2016)

A Wild West narrow gauge railroad adventure



Little engines that do

Trains Magazine - Oct 2015

Refinements make 'mobile railcar movers' more versatile than industrial switchers alone

(Technology column)


Testing on the T

Trains Magazine - Nov 2014

Hyundai Rotem ensures new cars work properly in a real-world environment



Bringing the New Haven back to life

Trains Magazine - Sep 2014

Restoring an FL9 to its former glory

(Preservation column)


Of Searchlight signals, F40s, and an Interlocking Tower

Trains Magazine - Dec 2013

A Boston time capsule enters the modern age



Penguin Scarves and Hot Chocolate

Trains Magazine - Dec 2012

Surviving the winter commute in Boston

(Photo spread)


No Plane? Try this

Trains Magazine - Aug 2009