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Individual Headshot: 200

  • Solid-color background
  • At least two high-res digital headshot images
  • Two outfits
  • Blemishes retouched

Audition Prints: 3/print (all sizes)

Custom rates are available for commercial clients or multi-person sessions.

Email or call to book your session!

tyler@tylertrahan.com  |  (774) 314-1887


I had a wonderful experience with Tyler. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, because I had never really had headshots taken before, but he walked me through the process with ease, and made it fun while capturing some great shots.

We ended up with a variety of shots, from more serious ones to ones where my personality really shone through. He was able to set up his equipment right in my apartment, which made it very comfortable for me, and his demeanor through the whole shoot really put me at ease. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants a no-stress photo shoot!
— Hannah P.
Tyler was incredibly professional and great to work with. On his website, he provided helpful hints for colors and we brought in a couple of choices for him to pick from. He took head shots of my 9 year old and Tyler was fantastic working with him. He made my son feel very comfortable in front of the camera and the pictures came out amazing. I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about him!
— Natasha C.

Your Session

  • Most clients opt to stand for the session for the best results, but a seated session can be accommodated.


Clothing should be as simple as possible so as not to distract from your face. Please pick out 3-5 tops before the session, and we'll choose that day.

In the final images you'll only see from roughly six inches below the shoulders to three inches above your hairline, but the clothing in between needs to be impeccable. Common problems to watch out for include:

  • Wrinkled or misshapen collars
  • Flyaway threads around shirt buttonholes
  • Buttons that aren't buttoned (button-down collars should be buttoned)
  • Gaps where a tie meets the collar
  • Bras or bra straps visible through a lacy, thin, or slightly transparent top, or alongside spaghetti straps
  • Logos or other graphics on clothing


  • Your headshot should reflect your normal appearance. Save the elaborate styles for another day.
  • Some hairstyles look great in person but photograph poorly, and you may want to alter it during the session to another style you often wear. Please be prepared with a comb, hairbrush, hair tie, headband, etc.
  • Gents, please be advised that facial hair is extremely difficult to retouch. Digital alterations will be at an extra fee, so please show up wearing beards or mustaches the way you want them to appear.
  • Please give any fresh haircut a week to adjust before your session.

Glasses and Jewelry

  • If you normally wear glasses, you can wear them during the shoot. If you sometimes wear contacts, we can do some photos with glasses and some without.
  • Fancy jewelry will both date the picture and distract the viewer from your face, so keep it simple.


  • Gents generally do not need makeup.
  • I recommend ladies get professional makeup, either through a salon or one of the makeup artists I work with.
  • If you choose to do your own makeup, please go easy on the eye shadow and blush. You can always apply more during the session.
  • No glittery makeup, please!


  • Temporary blemishes (acne, dry skin, etc) will be digitally removed.
  • Birthmarks and other permanent facial features can be removed or toned down upon request.


Q: How long does the photoshoot take?
A: Ninety minutes, although you're not in front of the camera for the entire time.

Q: Do I get black and white images or color?
A: Color. I can also include black and white versions upon request.

Q: What studio backgrounds are available?
A: I use solid-tone backdrops in white or gray.

Q: How many photos do I get?
A: At least two unique images.

Q: Can I get digital images for web and email?
A: I deliver high-resolution digital images to every client.

Q: How many prints do I get?
A: Prints are purchased separately at $3 each.

Q: Are the prints matte or glossy?
A: The prints available are on lustre paper, a semi-gloss paper with excellent skin tones.

For Actors

Your headshot can influence what types of roles you get. If you have roles in mind, we can shoot several "looks" for applying to different parts. This includes different backdrops and lighting setups, as well as clothing choices.

If you're interested in playing a dramatic, serious role, dark and muted clothing will help. On the other hand, a colorful shirt may be good for a comedian. Additionally, think about casual versus formal wear.

Border Options

I recommend a simple border with your name at the bottom right.

  1. White border with black stroke
  2. Black border with white stroke
  3. White bar with black stroke, full bleed
  4. Black bar with no stoke, full bleed

If you choose to order prints with borders, you'll also get versions without the border for web use.