Tyler Trahan and Liz Duncan photograph people for businesses, nonprofits, and magazines.

Tyler and Liz met working on a steam railroad in the mountains of Colorado. He was a photographer on a "walkabout" from his career in Massachusetts and she was a local badass looking to see the world. They spent a year firing steam locomotives and braking passenger trains in the high mountain backcountry, working twelve-hour shifts and living on a dirt road at 7000 feet. In August 2016 Liz followed Tyler back to Boston to learn the craft and keep him out of trouble.

Before Colorado, Tyler spent six years as a science museum educator (part-time, because he started at age 15). He started his photography business at 17. He's trying to sound cool right now, but as a kid Liz once built a dirt ramp and attempted to jump her bicycle over a pond. She only made it halfway, but she's still cooler than Tyler. They make a much better team than this couple's bio might suggest and think you should hire them to take photos.